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Open Figure Drawing Sessions in Ithaca NY

Giving back to the arts by hosting open life drawing classes.
Summary: Update – Look in the comments section for information on where to find life drawing in Ithaca. After several moves, they've ended up in Trumansburg.

I’m giving back to the arts from which I’ve taken so much. Now, on Tuesdays at 7pm Tuesdays at 6pm, I’m hosting open life drawing sessions in my studio the studio across the hall from my studio. Everyone is welcome. If you’re interested in coming out, and are somewhat in the vicinity of the downtown Ithaca area, just shoot me an email and I’ll give you all the details. If you’re interested in modelling, also just shoot me an email and I’ll get you added to the rotation list. We’re a small, laid back group, if you do come out, feel free to bring some music and a chair with you – we’re always running out of both.

Ithaca Open Life Drawing
This week we did all short poses, nothing more than five minutes, next week will be a long pose – so bring your paints.