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Merry Christmas Canada

I have’t done any holiday themed pieces this year but this piece I did recently for Canadian Lawyer Magazine almost fits the bill. Judges in the Canadian House of Commons wear a ceremonial gown that looks a lot like a Santa... Read The Rest →

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Looking Good

I feel like it’s time again to give a quick little update as to what I’ve been making here over this last month… Aside from the web coding, which doesn’t make for very exciting blog images, I’ve been working in a... Read The Rest →

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The Behind the Scenes, Illustration Process

Switching over to a completely digital illustration workflow from my prior traditional medium background has not only sped up my work process, it has facilitated final round revisions and enabled a much more detailed and comprehensive documentation of the process than... Read The Rest →

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Postcard Promo

Hot off the presses, It’s postcard season again! Postcard season is that special time of year which, ideally, rolls around four times per calendar. What I like best about postcards is the sense anticipation with which the whole affair is charged... Read The Rest →

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the Call to the Wild (the process)

Self Portrait? Only through the distorted lens of artistic licence. Although this illustration features my favourite Michael Kors shirt, and I do wear hipster glasses, and I do always have a two-day beard, and I do run with the deer… the... Read The Rest →

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Halted Judgement (details)

I’ve recently completed a couple of business publication illustrations (the other one’s here) which will be making their way into the portfolio portion of my website soon. Until then however (I have a lot of backlogged work to add to the... Read The Rest →

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