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Design/Development Cycle

Design thinking makes projects better through every phase of the development cycle—it defines clear end-goals, builds roadmaps to get there, keeps development agile, and regularly evaluates its successes through data-driven criteria.

Design Principles

End-to-end Product Design

Shiny Visuals

Combine the latest design trends with a strong foundation of experience. Pay attention to details; that is what distinguishes professional products.

Robust Design

More than shiny visuals, follow best practices for optimization, SEO, usability, and accessibility. Test and document design decisions and implementations.

Big Picture

Design on-brand and consider development times, usability, and stakeholder requirements. Predict and avoid scaling and maintenance issues. Make decisions based on analytics, A/B, and usability testing.

My Designer’s Journey

Design is a Process

Design is about exploration and discovery. I have been a magazine and children's book illustrator, a gallery artist, and worked in animation. I've created graphics for the NBA, NHL, and NCAA. I've gone from building flash websites to WordPress, to single-page apps.

What Have I Done Lately?

Nowadays, I’m 100% about UX, Accessibility, and Optimization. I design web apps, online games, and institutional websites. When not working, I take Computer Science classes at Cornell University, paint murals of birds, and run marathons (slowly).

Working with Jeff Szuc

A Good Fit

Great projects are the product of great teams; I collaborate closely with marketing departments, programmers, subject matter experts, editors, and other designers. My strong work ethic and diverse skill-set are a great addition to any project. I’m a good fit.

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Use a simple, configurable, SASS mixin to bulk-output multiple sprites at different durations and resolutions. CSS can create a classical, or flipbook, style animation from a sprite sheet for improved performance and accessibility.

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Case-studies and Design Journal

Design Process