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Jeff Szuc Uses (my favorite things)

These are the tools I use most regularly and happily. They're things that make doing work possible, smoother, and more enjoyable. (last updated 01/15/2022)

To see other people's "Uses" pages, checkout /uses, a project that compiles pages just like this one. It's interesting to look through and see what other people use, maybe even discover a few handy utilities.

Hardware & Accessories


  • iPhone 12 – At this point, my phone is rocking a pretty customized spiderweb pattern on the glass.


  • Ergotron WorkFit – We're all trying to sit as little as possible these days, but we can't stand all the time. The up and down mechanism on this is really simple for when I want to take my afternoon coffee sitting down. Further, it's the only sit to stand option I've found with a wide enough keyboard shelf to fit a keyboard and a drawing tablet.

  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair – You shouldn't skimp on ergonomics. This chair is adjustable in every direction to get that perfect fit. To make it that little bit even more perfect, upgrade it with rollerblade wheels and you're cruising.


  • VS Code — Nothing needs saying about VS Code–if you're reading this, you're using it (or you're a vim person). Favorite Plugin: Bracket Pair Colorizer

  • Adobe XD — or Sketch or Figma, but I have an Adobe Cloud subscription through work.

  • Firefox Develop Edition – The best of the browser dev tools, especially for CSS grid inspection, but it's a bit of a memory hog so I only use it for dev.

  • Brave Browser — My daily driver browser, it's loaded with privacy features.

  • Lastpass — 0 reused passwords. 0 weak passwords.

  • Obsidian — This is one of my most-used apps. I use it for journaling and my GTD system and take all of my notes in it. It saves everything as markdown—so I'm not locked into a system. And I keep all the files synced in iCloud Drive so I can edit them on my iPad using the markdown editor of my choice.

  • ColorSnapper — A menubar color eyedropper. It's amazing how often I use this.

  • Alfred — I can't imagine not using it. I decided to use it after seeing it listed in on so many other people's uses pages. I've been using it a year and it has just become part of my muscle memory.


  • Netlify — For all my weekend SPA project hosting needs.

  • Cloudflare — Cloudflare is offering the best price on domain name renewals—I've moved all my domains there.